Your Course Programme

    1. Download your SAT1 Workbook

    2. Course introduction and learning outcomes - 5 minutes

    3. Unit 1 - Overview of Sensory Integration and Key Terms - 33 minutes

    4. Unit 2 - What a Sensory Integration clinic session looks like - 20 minutes

    5. Unit 3 - The impact on early development on the sensory systems - 4 minutes

    6. Unit 4 - How sensory integration works in the brain - 17 minutes

    7. Unit 5 - Sensory Reactivity: Often referred to as sensory modulation - 8 minutes

    8. Unit 6 - The Sensory Systems Part 1 - Vestibular (Movement) System - 30 minutes

    9. Unit 7 - The Sensory Systems Part 2 - Tactile (Touch) System - 16 minutes

    10. Unit 8 - The Sensory Systems Part 3 - Proprioceptive (Deep Muscle) System - 7 minutes

    11. Unit 9 - The Sensory Systems Part 4 - Visual system - 11 minutes

    12. Unit 10 - The Sensory Systems Part 5 - Auditory (Sound) system - 8 minutes

    13. Unit 11 - Communication and Clinical Observations - 8 minutes

    14. Final Quiz on Key Terms - Child Development - Sensory Systems - Signs and Symptoms

About this course

  • £89.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 30 Days Access
  • The course purchase is for one person only and not for multiple viewers
  • 1 x certificate issued per registered person for evidence of your learning experience

Discover the differences between behaviour and Sensory Integration

Whether you're caring for a child at home or in an educational setting, level one gives you the knowledge you need to help the child. Excel Child Therapy's Sensory Awareness Training Courses were CPD certified in 2021, by the CPD Standards Office.

Learning outcomes

SAT1 is aimed at individuals working with children or adolescents in mainstream or special schools, who present with sensory issues. Equally essential for parents, carers and grandparents. By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • Child developmental patterns.

  • What Sensory Integration is and isn’t.

  • How poor sensory integration can be recognised.

  • Recognise the difference between sensory and typical behaviours.

  • Have an introduction to the main 5 sensory systems

  • Know the Signs and Symptoms.

Why are the 5 sensory systems so important?

We are all sensory beings and every input we receive is sensory based. There are more than 5 sensory systems but we will only cover these most common systems during your course. The big 5 are: Vestibular (movement), Proprioception (deep muscles/joints), Touch, Vision and Hearing

Meet your Trainer

Founded of ExcelChild Therapy Sensory Awareness Training Levels One to Three

Mary Hamilton

Advanced Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Paediatric Occupational Therapist with Advanced Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration. Qualified for 29 years, currently completing Doctorate in Sensory Integration and Trauma. Founder of first Sensory Integration clinic in Norfolk, offering assessment and treatment for children and young people. Excited to provide training courses, previously CPD certified, to parents, teachers, health and social care professionals in the basics of Sensory Awareness at three levels. This is to provide understanding on the signs and symptoms of Sensory Integration, intervention tools for home and schools and Educational and Health Care Plan's provision.

Benefit from live Sensory Integration in-clinic videos

During your course, Mary shows you videos of her Excel Child Therapy clinic which helps you to understand how to put theory into practice.

New online 'live experience'

Experience Sensory Awareness Training Level One Course as if you were in the room but you can learn online in your own time over 30 days, at your own speed in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

  • The Live Course Experience

    Recorded live in the room

    All the course modules you will watching throughout the course have been filmed during the 'in the room' SAT Level One course, so you can benefit from the live experience presented by Mary Hamilton.

  • Quality Digital Workbook

    For use during and after your course

    You will receive a quality digital work book of the slides and further information booklet to work through during your course and to refer to afterwards. We advise you to print this workbook before beginning Unit 1, however you can view it on another device should you wish.

  • Previously CPD accredited courses

    Professional development and certificate

    All Excel Child Therapy Sensory Awareness Training Courses have been previously accredited by the CPD in 2021. Each level course is the equivalent of 5 hours of CPD activity. At the end of Sensory Awareness Training Level One, you need to complete the quiz to measure your learning outcome. After you successfully complete the quiz you will be able to download your SAT1 certificate.

See what our course candidates say

Excel Child Therapy has been providing Sensory Awareness Training Courses across Norfolk and the UK for many years. We have now launched a new online experience that can work around your commitments and in any location.

“I have attended Level 1 & Level 2 Sensory Awareness training with Excel Child Therapy and can 100% recommend their training courses. I work in a Secondary School and so many of our students struggles with sensory needs. I have learned so much on these training session, including how to know when students experience sensory difficulties and what to do to help them.”

Edith Ellicott

“I thought the training was really accessible and the case studies and videos helped to clearly show difficulties and progress. ”

A. Oakley

“Being new to it, the course made me rethink how to look at children and pick up on things.”

M. Lemmon

“The way of presenting the information was so easy to process and keep up with... bringing up case examples to make it easier to process was very helpful.”

L. Khader

“Learning about the different systems and being able to relate behaviours from the classroom to these systems and understanding the reasons behind it all was really useful.”

M. Dack

“So much great and vital information!”


Improve your knowledge so children can excel and families can thrive.

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Excel Child Therapy's Sensory Awareness Training Courses were CPD certified in 2021, by the CPD Standards Office